2012 Geneva Motor Show: The Glitz, the Glamour and the Fame

2012 Geneva Motor Show

It’s not about the cars, were talking models here, the reason is simple, I know how to drive, but more than that, I am a boner. I just love how this girls model for a car looking so glamorous with their glitzy shoes, candy colored bags, fashion jewelry and designer clothes.

2012 Geneva Motor Show took place from Geneva Pal Expo in Geneva Switzerland that started from March 8 up to March 18, they where on their 82nd Edition of featuring world class automobiles, and this year is more than extra ordinary as they present the latest designs with the freshest faces in the industry.

Lady in Red|2012 Geneva Motor Show

Creed|2012 Geneva Motor Show

Model of 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Ladies in White|2012 Geneva Motor Show

Wrangler|2012 Geneva Motor Show