Wearing High Heel Ankle Boots with Fashion Sense

Women love ankle boots and all those feminine stuff about it so it’s easy for me to give you some quick and quirk tips on though in all honesty, ankle boots are still not on the top of my favorite list in fashion and styling as of we are talking for women’s footwear.

Wearing Heeled Ankle Boots

No, I don’t dislike ankle boots or any short booties for what type of creation they are, it’s just that in fashion sense are what most females wore them which is often unflattering in a way that fashion and chic styles are neglected. *sigh.

Okay, that's a cop out, and technically, I am part of the media (blogger I mean), so I thought that statement needs a little clarification and best jurisdiction. What I meant is that it’s not everything you see on fashion magazines like Vogue or Elle, or even in every fashion runway doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. So today, I’m going intricate some styles fit for ankle boots and how to really wear it with style.

Wearing Ankle Boots with Leggings or Tights

I mentioned before that cropped leggings don't work well with ankle boots. Long leggings or tights however, look great -- assuming of course, that leggings look good on you in the first place. If they don't, pairing them with ankle boots isn't going to make the situation any better.

Wearing Short Skirts and Ankle Boots

This look is definitely a little more difficult to pull off, because a lot of women don't like their legs. But it works well because instead of showing no leg, you're showing a lot of leg -- the real trouble comes in when you only show a little leg. Look for skirts that are a couple of inches above the knee or shorter and skip anything that's too full, lest your outfit start to like a figure skating costume.

Wearing Ankle Boots with Long Skirts

Whether they're flat or heeled, ankle boots and long skirts is a classic combination. While I personally prefer to pair them with a long skirt that is on the fuller side, I've also seen ankle boots paired fairly successfully with long skirts that are narrower. Whichever style you prefer, the key is to show no leg. If the skirt isn't long enough to cover the top of the ankle boot on its own, add a pair of tights.
New Heelless Ankle Boots

Wearing Pants for Ankle Boots

This one is nearly a no-brained - ankle boots work with any kind of pants. The advantage to wearing them over shoes or taller boots is that you get ankle coverage without the bulk of a knee-high boot. But - and this is a big "but" - the only pants that work well tucked into ankle boots are very tight ones. Wide-legged pants tucked into short boots create a very unflattering balloon effect.

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