Dolce and Gabanna Fashion Jewelry Collection

Dolce and Gabbana Fashion Jewelry

When it comes to fashion, Im sure you've heard "Dolce and Gabbana", well who doesn't when the fact that D&G is one of the most trusted fashion brands in terms of fashion jewelry, clothes, shoes and all catering for both genders.

And recently as after watching their latest spring summer collection on their website, I decided to browse some more and found this great fashion jewelry collection that they advertise through a really great video. Drop by on their website and watch that video, you'll surely love it as much as I do.

Anyway, here are some of my most favorite's, although I love them all, of course I cant put everything in here. Consequently, most photos are earrings, simply because G&G's fashion jewelry earrings are to die for, really pretty and chic.

D&G Fashion Jewelry| Cross Earrings

I decided to use the screen shots because of the background images, it's just so nice. Hope you like it. Anyway, in this collection you will notice that the pendants in all types of fashion jewelry administers a similar design which are images, like this cross earrings, the oval pendants shows a cherub image. Isn't it nice? I really love their collection.

D&G fashion Jewelry| Chandelier Earrings

Look at this chandelier earring by Dolce and Gabbana, see what I mean when I say their fashion jewelry administers an image design on their pendants.

D&G Fashion Jewelry| Hoop Earrings

Well this one is a bit different although you can still see an intricate design on the heart pendant. I really love this brand.

D&G Fashion Jewelry| Hoop Earrings with Gemstones

This one is the best, I love the pendants. I'm lost for words to describe this certain piece so just see for yourself.

D&G Fashion Jewelry| Medal Pendant Charm Necklace

I'm not really the type to wear necklace and other jewelry except earrings and watches although this one caught my attention, it offers a nice pendant making this necklace really eye catching.

D&G Fashion Jewelry| Charm Bracelet

And lastly, this charm bracelet. See, all Dolce and Gabbana Fashion Jewelry are so nice. Visit their main page and check out for other products. Im sure you'll find something worth purchasing.


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  2. Hi Lilin, thank you for the comment, i hope you can drop by again, and yes im so in love with jewelry, hoping to check out your's soon, hmm today at this very moment :)

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