How To Look Like A Celebrity For Less

How To Look Like A Celebrity For Less

Everyone dreamt of looking like their celebrity idol. In doing so, people dress like them, color and cut their hair like celebrities, follows celebrity diets, goes to places where their idol goes and the likes. One thing remains true in this scenario; we don’t have the same fortune that those celebrities have. Hence, we cannot always afford to follow what they do and have what they have.

Not having the same affluence does not mean that we have to stop there because there are many options in looking like those celebrities. I am not saying that you need to try hard and pressure yourself in doing so. I just want to list some tips on looking great without spending much. You will see alternatives to those signature fashion items that will ignite your senses.

wholesale sunglasses

When it comes to wayfarers, the best brand known for this is Rayban. Surely, they made wayfarers too well that it even become iconic. The best picture I could remember with wayfarer was the movie of Tom Hanks, That Thing You Do. He was a drummer of band and was named “Shades” because he always wear wayfarer whenever they perform. You can resort to getting wholesale sunglasses if you want variety of frame colors of those wayfarers.

ankle boots

In the past years, alluring ankle boots have been constant in runway scenes even in the streets. Shoe fashion has never been this fun and exciting and shoe lovers became more experimental. Since knee high boots cannot be worn during the hot days of summer, here’s an alternative to that. Now, you can still display an attitude without being uncomfortable.

fashion jewelry

Some people would runaway when they hear the word jewelry. Yes, it is quite frightening because it is synonymous to hundreds and thousands of dollars spent. You can always look chic with all these nice accessories by purchasing wholesale fashion jewelry instead of buying in pieces. It gives you more saving because you are buying in bulk. Plus, imagine getting earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and not just a piece of a kind at the same cost.

satchel bag

Who does not like bags? I particularly love satchel bag. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful, branded satchels and I’ve seen nice unbranded satchels. They have the same swagger but who could tell that you didn’t pay much for it. You feel happier because you get the kind of bag you want and at the same time, you did not overspend. Now, you still have some penny to buy other things.


Time check! Watch is essential especially if you feel like 24 hours is not enough for you. As what people would always say, every second counts. What are you waiting for; grab a timepiece that suites your lifestyle and your style. But if you’re on a tight budget, consider getting something that is less expensive. Anyway, they serve the same purpose.

You can always be like a celebrity, just be extra patient in looking for alternatives. After all, you will be the one who’ll suffer if you don’t handle your finances well. Remember to live within your means so you won’t get in the trouble of money mismanagement. It is always best to live a debt-free life than have everything you like but you can’t sleep sound at night because the numbers just don’t stop from rising.

Spend your hard earned money wisely!


  1. These are perfect ways to cut on costs especially if you're on a tight budget. Great post you got here. It will definitely help people like me who follows trend and loves fashion.