A Father’s Day Special

fashion jewelry

It’s June, whew, seems like the month of May is such a very long time for some of us. Spring has slowly coming to an end as the humid summer breeze gradually blows.

The month of June, the start of new begging’s and ending’s, just like the time when spring finally comes and the snow slowly melts and the flowers started blooming again.

Anyway, this month is the month specially dedicated to the most special man’s of or lives, none other than our father. If may is for mother’s day, wouldn’t it be selfish if we didn’t celebrate father’s day? Thus, June is dedicated for the celebration of father’s day.

And here are some of the best ideas I’ve gathered if you are looking for something, maybe a token, a new tool for his garage or garden or anything as a gift for that most special and number one man in our lives, our Daddy.

The most voted gift I’ve heard are fashion jewelries, a new rolex, perhaps a bracelet, or maybe a pendant. It’s up to you, but I guess a new wristwatch is the best fashion jewelry for a man. It doesn’t mean you go spend hundred bucks on rolex, there are other brands and boutiques even an online fashion jewelry store.

fashion jewelry

So why a new watch? The reason is simple, it’s a must have for them not to mention most of them didn’t like wearing jewelries except a watch and their wedding ring.

fashion jewelry

The next in line are tools. Be it a new set of garage tools, garden tools, paints or whatever tools he need in his car or garden or his crafts. He needs it, his just too proud to ask you for a new one or to thrifty to buy one himself or maybe his lazy to go to hardware and buy what he needs.

fashion jewelry

Nevertheless, if your dad still goes to the office, perhaps a new tie will do best, but if you are on the generous mode why not a whole new set of suit? Nice idea right.

fashion jewelry

And lastly, since I don't have anymore ideas, Gift Certificates, a cruise, an out of town trip, maybe you can give then an out of the country tour since there are so many discounts and promos this days, a spa trip because just like your mom, surely your dad would want some time to relax, a massage, sauna bath or anything, remember father's also mind their looks, a hotel accommodation or perhaps a dinner date for both your parents is also nice.


  1. I love that wrist watches :) too bad rolex is way out of my league, its too expensive, i think gift certificates are the best option, hmm maybe a spa certificate or a hotel accommodation with all the perks