How to have the Best Jewelry Display Booth

Be the Best Jewelry Display Booth!

Are you a big fan of jewelry display events such as gathering of jewelers and jewelry enthusiasts, either local or international? Yes, we do have those in common – so that means you’re in for a business dream. Well, fat lot’s I am here to aid you in setting up your jewelry display booth. (See also top 10 lists of booth display)

Image of Jewelry Display Shows

To start with, planning the layout of the jewelry display booth

There are major rules according to my experience in a creative booth outcomes and that is the main display area, the featured mid-level prices for products. The two should be divided into different mini-collections using a stack-able trays or even the jewelry display itself. This tray makes it handy for visitors or prospect customers to pick up assortment for a much closer look and it’s easy for them to consult too.
Sample Jewelry Display by Nile Corp

Important avenues for Price Tags and Hang Tags

This is a more vital than any other things to prepare in advance in order to set your mind free and avoid being stress before the show starts. Here are my tips, if the hang tags for items are a little bit bulky – be best to put it secure it somewhere to remind you that it should be put before the show starts. Price Tags should be printed in a professional way as to not just intimidating customers.
Best Jewelry Display

Remember the main comparison: Quantity vs. Quality

At some shows, you will do better having a ton of stuff in your jewelry display booth. And, perhaps ironically, at some shows you will do better if you have a very tightly curates selection of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Try to have some sort of plan for both scenarios, so you have the flexibility to change gears if need be.

The Rule of Polishing and Neat

All your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets should be clean and all metal parts should be polished, unless part of your design aesthetic involves tarnished metals. Also, dust off and wipe down all your display trays, display cases, tables, chairs, etc.

Always do a dry run for the show

If this is your first show, or you have changed your display drastically, you may consider doing a dry run of your jewelry show display. You can do this with or without your jewelry booth tent, although if you are using one, it would be a good idea to set it up so you see how much space you are dealing with.

This will allow you to experiment with table layout, individual necklace, bracelet, and earring layouts, color balance, and give you an idea of what potential customers see as they are walking down the aisle. You should also play with different configurations of your chosen display items. Sometimes what you think you need, and what it actually looks like in a tent or a small table is two completely different things! Better to figure it out before the show than be left in a panic the morning of.