The Perfect Summer Boots

Who says that boots are not for summers? There are many misconceptions in wearing boots and one of the most talked about misconception is, you can’t wear boots during summer. Now, the old rule was reversed because there is ankle boots. That boots was really designed to be even used during summer.

Since boots are really stylish, wearing it during summer is not quite possible not unless you want to be uncomfortable. We all know that leather adds extra heat even though it absorbs sweat. Can you just imagine the odd feeling? But now that there is ankle boots, you can be really stylish without compromising comfort. Staying fresh and stylish can be achieved easily by resorting to fashion items that are total eye-candy.

It is not only you who wants to be fashionable on summer, the celebrities want that badly as well. Some celebrities are bold enough to break fashion rules and make their own fashion statements. That way, they are able to show up their individuality and their quest for something unusual but highly acceptable. Here are some of the celebrities spotted wearing ankle boots during summer. (see top 10 lists of best ankle boots)

Diane Kruger was spotted during the Coachella Fest in ankle boots. Yes, it was spring but the temperature rose because of the oh so lovely celebrities seen at the event. Factual truth, it was really hot that day not only because of the people spotted in the event.

Diane Kruger in ankle boots

Jessica Alba never failed us in dressing well all the time. This goddess never dressed lamely and was also known to be very stylish even in her casuals. Having said that, she was often spotted wearing high-heeled ankle boots or peep toe wedge ankle boots.

Jessica Alba in ankle boots

Katie Holmes, another hall of famer when it comes to fashion. A true brew fashionista who often shows her individuality effortlessly. Flat ankle boots is her favorite maybe because she wants to be very mobile. Moms with small kids would actually prefer this type of boots.

Katie Holmes in ankle boots

Don’t be a fashion victim. Have your own style and rule in fashion and just be comfortable with it. Stay in style and audacious with these cute ankle boots.