Summer Solstice 2012

summer solstice 2012

Spring is almost over and Mr. Sun is on its highest. Summer without travel must have been very deadly and just sad for all of us. Enjoying the feeling of sand between our toes is heavenly and seeing a new place adds up new learning and new people. Summer is also a perfect time to make stronger bonds with family, relatives and friends. Sharing special moments with your loved ones is just priceless.

Going places with your friends are usually planned before school ends. Most teenagers or college students set a summer escapade in a beach with their friends or with their boyfriend or girlfriend. This is the perfect time to break away from school and those terrifying professors. The best time to just have fun and be carefree.

Traveling with your family is another option and for some, it is a yearly event that bring family members closer. Traveling with your family is common for starting family because it is otherwise for bigger kids and adults.

Since summer is the perfect time to be in places, I’ve enlisted travel essentials that you should carry with you every time you travel. These are very useful in case you are in need of something or when faced by emergency situations. Here they are:

first aid kit
Medicine kit should never be left at home. It is very important to bring in some medicines for headache, stomach upset and dizziness. Don’t forget to insert some Povidone-iodine and Steri-Strips that can be used in case of one of your friends or family acquired cuts. Another important content of your medicine kit is mentholated oil.

ID's and passportID’s or passport are very essential when you travel because this is a certification of your identity. In case urgent situation happens, you have available identification card with you and your family can be immediately informed of your whatabouts. Bring these ID’s anywhere you go during your travel and secure them.

ATM and credit cards
ATM card or credit card should be carried whenever you travel. By bringing such cards, you are ensured that you’ll be able to go back to your place of origin and that you have funds to pay for everything you need. This could also help in case you get estranged with your group if you’re on a tour.


Sunblock is our skin’s protection against harmful sun rays. Choosing the right sun protection formula, mostly the highest SPF will keep your skin from gaining first degree burn which is better known as sun burn. To keep yourself from suffering in skin soreness, apply this as directed.

wholesale sunglasses
If your skin needs protection, your eyes need them as well. Sunglasses are essential travel companion. Since the sun is at its peak, it is best to keep your eyes protected from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Choose the right sunglasses that will really protect your eyes from UV rays. Don’t just get stylish, appealing, or branded sunglasses. Remember, sunglasses are made to serve its purpose and that is to protect our eyes.

What is a vacation without good memories to look on to? Be sure that you pack your camera in a safe case to prevent moist and prevent your camera from getting wet. This will also save your memory card from getting corrupted in case certain circumstances arise. Still photos or moving frames are fun to see, so make sure that you have your camera with you to capture eventful moments.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we got protection during these hot summer days and wouldn’t it be nicer if we are secure during our leisure time and just enjoy the sun and the company of our friends or loved once?