Summer Wish List

summer wears

Summer is almost here. I am counting days for its arrival and been thinking of what should I be having. Apart from the leisure time I am thinking of, I am also thinking of having some items that will make me more chic this summer. Surely, this summer will be another blast if I look good on my summer photos and that will only be made possible if I dress well.

Given that this is the best time to go places, this is also the best time to show what you got. People are normally excited about going places and what would they look like if they’re on a certain spot. Every bits and pieces of the scenario should somehow be made a reality.

What are the usual must haves during summer to stay highly fashionable even under the sun’s intense heat? What colors should I be wearing to stay trendy? Where should I get these stuff? These are the questions that leave us hanging pursuing that fabulous chic look. Worry no more because I will be showcasing here summer fashion must haves and the tone that will rock everyone’s world. Plus, where to get them inexpensively.


These bikinis will turn heads once you get out of the sun and flaunt your vavavoom curves. Time to show some skin and get nice tan line. You can find these awesome bikinis at Roxy.

cover up

Cover ups are made to add up spice on your beach wear. This will add some kick to your bikini and will leave a little mystery to other beach goers who are trying to hit on you. These cover ups are made by Victoria and that’s no secret.

maxi dress

Maxi dresses are perfect for beach or any just a walk along the boulevard. This are made of light materials that leaves a fresher feel when roaming around some tourist spots. Get these wonderfully made dress from Victoria’s Secret and let your friends know about it.

wedge boots

Flip flaps are major must haves during summers, but these nice flats and wedge will add more dainty finish to your summer wardrobe. These nice summer flats and wedge are from Make Me Chic.