Preferred Sunglasses Style for your face shape

Yeah – its fun to wear sunglasses especially when summer is coming at your door. Protect from sunlight, shield from UV rays and all but protecting your eyes from sunlight in a very cool way - Of course, its fashion-sense.

Another thing to be exact in terms of wearing sunglasses or shades and fashion-sense is that you think it’s not for everybody. Well, that statement is 100 percent not true – you may think that way because you expect designers to create for Greek-God-like-beauty people and I tell you it’s not true. Sunglasses are made for everybody and it’s about what style is best suited for you.

The answer of sunglasses style lies on the shape of your face – let me explain.

Round face people - Full cheeks and a curved jaw line call for frames with a contrasting angular shape. Boxy plastic or metal pairs in a size that won’t overtake your face work equally well—just make sure the corners are slightly rounded, not sharp, or you’ll look like you’re channeling Neo in The Matrix, an exact copy but cost-cut wholesale sunglasses I find in GotShades.

example of triangular face
For Triangular face dude - If you have a broad forehead and a slender/narrow chin, select sunglasses that looks-like your bone structure. Light metal frames that are wider on the top than on the bottom, like aviators, are ideal. Gradient lenses will enhance the flattering effect—boldly tinted ones will not.

How about the Oval face types? If your visage is long and lean, opt for frames that accentuate its width. Heavy plastic wraparounds and sunglasses with oversize, geometric lenses are on the list of styles that balance oblong features nicely. Avoid trying those delicate, John Lennon–style frames – I tell you they are not for you.