Americas Next Top Model British Invasion: This Means Haute War

Americas Next Top Model British Invasion in ankle boots

Every season, the bankable production headed by the Goddess of Models and high-end fashion brings a much enticing and fashion-loving adventure of aspiring beauties to become the America’s next top model. This season is something I always been waiting for since I love to see ANTM’s new twists – the smashing and clashing of proud and aspiring models from both fashion capitals which is UK and of course Great Apple.

Yup, The British are coming...and they bring the drama! This ANTM Cycle 18 is indeed a big deal for us fashionistas to watch. One thing was missing from the latest season premiere of Top Model. No, Tyra was there. Famous Photographer, our Nigel and Mr. Jay is there too - All the contestants and with all the typical ridiculousness that we've all come to love from the show. If all of this was there and accounted for, what exactly was absent?

The all hail Credits.

Yes, we had our bi-annual introduction to a gaggle of aspiring models without the aid of opening credits, but don't worry, you guys. Tyra's got us covered. The mistress of the Top Model dungeon uploaded the credits to her Youtube account a couple of days early to give us a little treat before the next episode airs.

They're in the same style as last cycle, very punk-futuristic and guitar-heavy, but it's a handy way to familiarize with the girls that may not have popped in the premiere. With 14 girls to get through, you don't get great looks at, really, anybody, but if you had trouble matching a face to a name, it's a good summary.

You'll also notice the country-themed lipstick in the credits that the girls had on during panel and the cycle's individual photos. And of course, poor, poor Jasmia, cut down before she could even get a moment of shine in the opening sequence.

And of course, we won’t forget what I’m blogging this for – ankle boots! As I for seen that this season is for black and dark look lace up ankle boots and that means a great deal for us that ankle booties has never been off the charts.

America's Next Top Model: British Invasion airs Wednesdays at 9:00 on The CW. Are you a fan of the Top Model credit sequence? Should it be changed for the upcoming college cycle? Did you develop a favorite girl from the premiere?