Fashion Designers Took the Runway with a Storm for their Spring 2012 Collection

Hi there fashion addicts, this years winter and fall collection took place last February 10-17, it will be followed by the spring and summer collection this coming September 8 to 15.

Nevertheless, some of the best fashion designers have already released their spring collection a week ago and ladies Im betting every single piece of my fashion jewelry just to have this clothes. Take a peak at the latest Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Narciso Rodriguez, Oscar de la Renta, Marchesa Spring, Vera Wang, Donna Karan of DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, and other well known fashion designers as they took the runway with a storm.

March Jacobs

This year Marc Jacobs took the runway in a fun, funky, sporty yet in a chic way as his designs exhibits a much more feminine dresses and skirts made with lace and other shiny, fuzzy, sheer, shredded, lacquered, frayed, sequined (all materials you can and cant imagine) paired in sky high heels in pointed toe and leather gym bags.

Calvin Klein

Have you read the previous posts related to this season? It states there that this year will be even more feminine than the previous years as retro styles, skirts and dresses is making a come back. Flowing fabrics in all different shades of pastels and the never fading colors of black, brown and white sewn in contrasting cuts. And Calvin Klein only proved it’s true as his models walk on the runway with skin-colored blush silhouettes that hung delicately on their body, sheer colored pieces, and a sexy yet smart attitude.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren unfolds your romantic and elegant side with his “feminine dresses set in pantone color” floral designs, pale pink, metallic green or was it silk? From dress to trousers, Im sure you’ll love it as much as I do.

Consequently, while other designers let their models walk the runway without a single piece of fashion jewelry, Ralph accentuated his models with a feathered scarf and multi-strand monochromatic beads. Some of his designs also exhibits a delicate bead work.