Fashion Items that can Cause Danger

2012 Spring Fashion Trend
While we all want to look fabulous and updated in the latest fashions trends, there are some fashion items that could actually be risky and dangerous for your life. Some may take this as a joke, but this is serious. We might be using an item or two or have bought something that can be dangerous to our health.

Here are some of the most used fashion items that can be risky for us.

accessories containing nickel
On our fifth spot, accessories containing nickel. Nickel is a type of metal found on Earths surface, usually nickel is used for jewelries intended to be used for pierced ears, consequently, in 2012, studies show that 1 and 2 Euro coins contains a very small amount of nickel. According to studies, compounds in nickel can be carcinogenic, some may also be allergic to this metal.

skinny jeans
The fourth spot goes to Skinny Jeans. Yes, your skinny jeans can cause some health problems. Since skinny jeans are tight, it might interfere with your body’s digestion process. Moreover, studies show that wearing one might result to lower back pain and lipoatrophia semicircularis not to mention yeast infections.

fashionable tote bag
And now the third spot, beware of using Big and Heavy Bags. While tote bags can be fashionably addicting and not to mention very handy and can accommodate almost all items on your cabinet, it is not wise to carry heavy bags, especially if you are putting all the work on one shoulder. According to “The American Chiropractic Association” girls/women should carry a total not exceeding to 10% of their original body weight or they might suffer from back misalignment.

summer flip flops
On the second spot, flip flops. I know what you are thinking, summer is coming, beach, summer dress, and bikini and yes, those cute printed flip flops. But wait before you go shopping at a wholesale womans shoessection, read this first.

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, wearing flip flops can be much more worst than those who wears sky high heels as it can cause a long term ankle and hip problems. How? Notice your toes while walking wearing a flip flop, what did you find out? You are clenching your toes in order to keep the flops on your feet, if you walk say for an hour or so wearing flops you’ll feel foot fatigue, sore calf muscles and yes an altered gait.

wholesale womans fashion shoes
Talking about high heels, it’s on our first spot. According to researchers heels higher than two inches "are associated to bunions, hammer toes, stress fractures and ankle sprains." So before you go shopping at the latest wholesale womans shoes sale, better keep this in mind and consider all things that might result in the future.