What’s Your Shade?

Natalie Portman in dark lenses sunglasses

People are people and they got different preferences when it comes to food, jewelry, clothes, activities and even eye wear. But what are they all after at? That is standing out in a crowd and dealing with a lot of social norms and be accepted. Now, how would you do that, be fashionably accepted. Here’s a better way to hype up your wardrobe, getting accessories that fits you and your wardrobe by accessorizing with sunglasses.

Affordable Wholesale Sunglasses

There are variety of sunglasses style you could think of. There is wayfarer, aviator, sports in different sizes, frame materials and color. How would you acquire fair number of sunglasses that will suite your chosen wardrobe? Why don’t you try getting wholesale sunglasses? Here are some of the most popular shade of sunglasses you usually see which will make you think of getting sunglasses in wholesale to add more attitude in your style.

Dark colored lenses makes you look really sophisticated. Black has something that is synonymous to being classy. Dark colored lens is usually worn with casuals, semi-formal, and even formal occasions. So, if you just want to look classy and fully hide your eyes to be mysterious, make sure you have dark colored lenses in your sunglasses collection.

Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and Jude Law in light lens sunglasses
Light colored lenses sends out the message that here’s what I got, get to know me more. The mystery is not that high because you’ve shown some view. This kind of lenses is worn when it’s a bit gloomy and a bit sunny. Just the right amount of eye protection when the sun keeps on hiding and showing countless times a day.

Ryan Gosling in clear lens glassesClear lenses makes you look smart and gives an impression that you got blurry vision. That was before, not until fashion stylist and famous celebrities wore clear glasses to spice up their fashion sense. Now, it really looks cute and very stylish whenever you see a person wearing clear lens glasses. That even adds up hotness to a person.

polarized sunglasses
Polarized lenses are normally worn during the summer days when the sun is at its highest. Polarized lenses relays sporty mood and laid back mood. It makes you look like you’re just having the grandest vacation of your life. But wait, not only beach goers and sporty people sport this kind of look. Just look at race car drivers. Wearing polarized sunglasses during a race adds more spunk to them.

Now you’ve seen the variety of lenses, acquiring all kinds of lenses is made possible by getting wholesale sunglasses. Getting wholesale sunglasses will give you enormous savings, makes you more stylish, and gives you flexibility in stating your mood. So what are you waiting for, grab the chance of having more by paying less with wholesale sunglasses.