The Taste of Spring

Just a few days ago, the front porch is still covered with snow but as of today, as I went outside I saw some big changes, somehow it’s a bit more brighter and lovelier as the snow slowly melts and the taste of spring is mixing in the breeze. Did you notice it too? 

I surely love this season, spring for me commemorates endings and beginnings. And what’s the best way to celebrate spring? Indulge yourself with things you like, things you still don’t have, or the things that you want the most.

For example maybe you want to purchase a new pair of fashion jewelry from the newest spring collection line, new denim is not a bad idea, a new shade for the nearing summer or perhaps shoes, whatever you really like. Anyway, here's the list of fashion jewelry as promise. Hope you like it.

Block Cubic Zirconia Geometric Drop Earring
Doesn't this look like the changing colors of sunset during the start of the spring season?

Mosaic Austrian Crystal Cocktail Ring
This fashion jewelry reminds of Japan's cherry blossom festival. I can't remember if its during spring or autumn but the colors are so summer like.

Two Tone Multi-Color Cubic Zirconia Rope Ring
The moment the snow melts, and slowly, the ground is breaking free, small grass are starting to grow, wild flowers are scattered in different colors and the sky is in different shades

Silver Tone Multi-Color Cubic Zirconia Ring
Need I say more? Just looking at the image makes me want to grab it and have it for my own. Its a touch of the four changing seasons.

HEIDI KLUM Inspired Sterling Silver Multi-Color Ring
Grass, Leaves, Flowers and the Lenten Season, all spring to summerish.

For more cubic zirconia rings you can click the link.


  1. I like spring season. Here you share such nice collection of rings. All rings are too beautiful and amazing. I like crystal cocktail ring so much. Its too good.

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