Pink a Fashion Jewelry List

What’s your favorite color? Me pink, but currently I notice that most of the new items in my closet are on the shades of blue, from t-shirt’s, shoes, umbrella, belt, bags up to some of my fashion jewelry, I wonder why? The last time I check I only have pinks and reds and yellows.

Anyway, as I was browsing the net, I stumble on a collection of pink colored fashion jewelry accentuated with different gemstones and Swarovski crystals set in either gold, white gold, silver etc. And as I was scanning the items, I literally stop and stare for I don’t know how long on certain jewelries, as I kept on scanning I can’t help myself but lust over this lovely items. So I decided to share it to you. I am hoping that you will also like it just the way I am.

Stainless Steel Pink & White Enamel Filled Eternity Ring
I saw this at an online shop selling a collection of fashion jewelries. Actually there are other products that is more lovelier than this ring. You ask why this ring? Because this certain ring is simple and not too loud I think when I saw this, this fashion jewelry can be used in an everyday basis without catching too much attention and yet its elegant that you can't miss noticing it.

2.1ct Gold Plated Pink Cubic Zirconia Ring

Rose Gold Pearl Stud Earring/Pink Stud Earring/Pink Gemstone Jewelry Brooch
My favorite here is the gemstone jewelry and crystal filled Flower Pin by Airelle. And will you agree with me when I say that Melissa's Pink FLower Brooch is really lovely? Consequently, those pink stud earring will definitely look fashionably hot for clothes with dark colors. And should we miss that lovely mix of colors in the dangling earring? Hope not.

Pink Inspired Fashion Jewelry Necklace

Pink Cuff Bracelet Collection

You know what I love about this? It's really lovely and the fact that according to the who's who in the fashion world, jewelries, cuff bracelets, big chunky, bold one's in particular will be the trending fashion jewelry for this year.


  1. Wow these stuffs are so beautiful! Can i have them all? lol!

  2. sure you can :) check out its affordable and we administer monthly specials and discounts

  3. Pink is my favourite and lovely colour. Here you share such lovely collection of pink fashion jewellery. Its too good post. I like to wear this type of jewellery so much.

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  5. I loved the above piece! It's looking so gorgeous and the pink color is matching really well. I was a given a necklace of natural gemstone beads which was so beautiful. Anyway, thanks for sharing this.

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