White Gold Ring Or Yellow Gold Ring?

When you hear white gold rings or yellow gold rings what pops out of your mind? White gold rings and yellow gold rings remind me of engagement rings, promise rings, wedding rings, and other classifications of rings that people have made over time. Rings in general give women added spark. That of course depends on how a woman carries herself and the style of ring a woman wears. But what captivates a woman’s attention in choosing a ring is a mystery to many men.
white gold or yellow gold

Here are some essential guidelines in choosing what ring fits your girl best. You better be good in doing this because this could either make or break a girl’s heart.

First, you have to decide whether you are for yellow gold or white gold rings. This of course includes the preference of your girl. Observe her. Observe if your girl goes for white or yellow gold and affirm your observation by asking her questions that she would not get the slightest idea that you’re brewing something.

Next search for trends or different styles that would perfectly fit your girl’s sense of fashion. It has to be something that would represent her individuality, femininity, and sense of style. Every ring must have story and that story should be very special because that would remind your girl the story of your love. Make it extra special and go the extra mile in choosing the right ring for her.

After deciding if it’s going to be white gold ring or yellow gold ring and after choosing the style, you now have to know the right size of your partner’s finger. There are ways to know your girl’s ring finger size, you can put a loose string in her finger and do include the knuckle when getting the size. Find creative ways of doing this where she won’t get any idea that you’re brewing something again.

Lastly, select a jeweler that offers nothing but top of the line, stylish, and perfectly sculpted ring. This is very important because that special ring must last a lifetime. Make sure that the producer only uses authentic material so it looks elegant and astoundingly beautiful.

A lot of people say that if you want to know if you two are really meant for each other, you could try putting a ring to your pinky (guy). If that ring perfectly fits your girl’s ring finger, then you’re meant for each other. Of course, those were just hearsays. You have to believe in the power of your love.

Now I want to ask you again, white gold rings or yellow gold rings? The color you will choose will tell your love story. To see elegant white gold rings and yellow gold rings you could check Gemorie.com. I stumble upon that website and found many gorgeous fine jewelry pieces. They truly are gemstone jewelry that could be kept for long.


  1. At the present time rings become a fashion statement but it mainly used for decoration as an ornament of sorts. I think it's a symbol of commitment, a bond, a promise.
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  2. Rings is very beautiful fashion accessories. Here I get such nice and lovely rings. I like to wear this type of rings so much. You have done great work.

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  3. Rings are symbol of love whether it's yellow or white. I really loved above both ring. But I gemstone is my favorite jewelries and that's why I often use necklace and bracelets of gemstone beads. I was recently presented a ring and a necklace of coral beads which was so beautiful as shown above. Thanks so much for sharing this and reminding my one as well.