The London Fashion Week Experience

The London Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated fashion events in the city where fashion originated. The red carpet rolled out and voila, fashion experts and distinguished guests walked in it. The fashion critics are all set to see what’s going to be the next big thing in fashion and how designers executed their creation. Having said that, designers were all in fuzz to outlive the expectation of the crowd.
Since I am attending fashion week, I don’t want to get policed by fashion experts. So I did prepare well for this event. I don’t want to be ordinary; I want to be extraordinary so I wore leather jeans and jacket, had sheer leopard print sleeveless and put some leather wedge boots on. I know it is going to be a long night that is why I decided to keep my pumps in the shoe rack.

Black Leather Wedge Boots

What is more important to me than looking at my best is being comfortable in what I wear. I don’t want to look gorgeous but feels uncomfortable. Just the thought of it bogs my mind. Fashion is not all about compromising comfort and that’s what I did. That is enough reason for me to wear wedge and look at my best.
What I love the most in this wedge boots is the hidden heels. It actually looked like some flat knee high boots. The height of the wedge is perfectly fine and didn’t give my sole discomfort. Now, I got the looks and the height I wanted to look slimmer and voluptuous. Thanks to the knee high wedge boots I stumble upon the internet, I made it hot on the red carpet.
If you are in search for quality and comfortable shoes that will make you look extraordinary, then wedge is your go to shoe style. If you could see women walking on the street, they sort of shifted to wedge because of its contemporary appeal and the uncompromising comfort it gives every girl. Wedge boots I must say, will be seen in the runway in the next years.
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