Here Comes Spring

Who said that boots are only worn during winter season? Even if winter is almost over and spring collections are all out, boots still makes fashion statements and still make an outfit. Yes, the weather is not that cold anymore but we couldn’t care less when we talk about fashion and staying stylish. I would be firm in stating that wedge boots can make it real hot during spring.

Wedge boots can be an everyday foot wear so long it is casual in style. This kind of boots is a lot safe when worn everyday because it won’t require a specific season just to be worn with good justification. Girls who love to dress up absolutely understand this and that is what this blog post will make you realize.

Here are some styles where you could perfectly mix and match your stylish wedge boots. Since it is spring, there are certain colors that will stand out most. In this way, you could make a dramatic fashion statement because you were able to bring in some spring feel in your wardrobe. Knowing what colors will make it this spring can help you choose your outfit well.

spring collection 2012

These are some of the trends spotted in New York and London fashion week which made everyone mad about spring. The excitement can’t be hidden after seeing these perfectly stitched wardrobes that will definitely bring in some aura to the one wearing it. You could follow some spring inspired seen here to what you already have in your closet.

I must conclude that what designers wants us to feel this spring is something vibrant, refreshing yet electrifying. Now, wearing those lovely wedge boots in these outfits is what will make it electrifying and more spicy. You wear something fresh and making some statements. Besides, these wedge boots looks lovely in those bright colored pants.