Military Ankle Boots: Challenge in Styling

Man-inspired ankle boots is a Challenge in Styling

Tough and rough military ankle boots – what comes to your mind first? I know it’s quite difficult to handle such things since we are all for a sweet are feminine galore. This is quite a challenge for me too since thinking of a military ankle boots makes me see a manly aura.

The reason why I created a post like this is for us, women to unleash the power of unlimited creation in our minds. Military ankle boots often come overstated with lace. Most of us fashion hunters find it a challenge to fashion a style with these booties.

Military ankle boots are a darker, tougher and tomboyish-look and the aura itself is just as a screaming No-No for us chic goers. That’s why I doubt those who think it that way. There are more to this look than what you think as dumb fashion.

Front Buckled Contrast Ankle Boots by C Label

First thing is to match rough military ankle boots or short boots with a floral easy-dress. Yes, you heard me right – floral dress such as of white and cottony. In fact floral-printed dress is as perfect and glamorous with this man-inspired ankle boots. A tunic top would also look good with a pair of military ankle boots, especially if wearing a pair of skinny-type jeans with it.

For the most part – I find these ankle booties an exquisite combined with military shoulder-padded jacket or sweat shirt with knotted-slits to complement sexy yet tough fashion.