Pearls and Floral’s

Pearls and Floral’s

Welcome summer heat! Wow, can you believe it the much awaited season is here? Goodbye for a while to the cold days and snow and say hello to the summer breeze, the floral scent and the blazing sunshine.

Notice how I really love the summer season, well of course, it sure is hot, nonetheless it’s a great season for outdoor activities experience new things, learn new lessons and go to different places. Moreover, one of the good things about summer is that most of the time, red carpet fashion premieres took place, new clothes, new trends, cute things for all ages and the jewelry display for this season is so lovely.

fashion display

Nonetheless, before you go places, make sure you are fashionably ready. You wouldn’t want to look all sweaty and a fashion fall out would you? Okay first let’s identify what’s this months fashion jewelry, well pearl is primarily the birthstone jewelry for the month of June, but there are also other options such as alexandrite the modern gemstone that is so rare-the main reason why jewelers opted for synthetically made one’s- because of its distinct quality and appearance, and lastly moonstone that offers different colors depending on the lights that would strike it.

Since it’s the month where weddings usually took place, you’ll definitely see pearls everywhere, either in their wedding cakes, the brides wedding gown or wherever the couple might want to add it simply because pearls represents purity.

fashion jewelry

Anyway, talking about weddings, since its June where the flowers are in their full bloom and gardens are surely so lovely, most couples choose this month to exchange their vows of forever. Can’t blame them, I’ve been in one of my friends house and their garden is so beautiful once spring came, and when summer took its course you’ll be astonished on how breath taking the view is, plus the floral scent is everywhere.

Can you imagine what I am describing? Why not instead of imagining things, go out and be the one to feel the summer heat on your skin, take a stroll and have the scent of the floral’s sticking on your nose, on your clothes, everywhere. I do hope that you’ll also enjoy this season as much as I do.