Oscar 2012 Red Carpet to After Party Fashion

Fashion Glam in Academy Awards 2012

Every year, the world of entertainment always marks the date of the Academy Award and every bit of huge names in the celebrity world comes together to witness who shines best. Of course, we always want to see fashion and glam of these big stars specially the traditional Red Carpet walk. I mean – traditional so as expected, cameras and glitz are all for that moment and who wouldn’t be there to take their hour of the glamorous.

Pre-Oscars – you can see in their eyes how excited the stars must be the night before knowing they’re about to get fabulous in a red carpet dress or a tux that has been chosen, styled, tailored and trusted to turn them into a take or break high fashion star as they stroll across the red carpet.

As a fashion hunter myself – I’m especially meticulous on the soles (footwear fashion) and let me help who was you’re bet to be the best in sole fashion. Will we see and ankle boots or short boots in the Oscars – I hope so.

Here are the top picks from Oscars Academy Award 2012.