The Hunger Games Premiere in LA

The Hunger Games premiers in LA: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth and wedge boots

I was invited by my Aunt and Uncle who were both Hollywood insiders to attend The Hunger Games premiere in Los Angeles last March 12, 2012. It was the first red carpet premiere I’ve attended; thanks to my relatives I get to rub elbows with celebrities. I was so excited about this premiere and can’t wait to see the movie adaptation of this popular novel.

I can’t hide my excitement and since this is my first time, I made sure that I wear something special where I won’t be overdressed for a premiere screening. Here’s what I wore that night: I got blazing hot red blazer partnered with light yellow sexy fit tee for my top wear. I had white skinny, low rise jeans and matched it with red wedge boots. I decided to wear wedge boots in the premiere to be comfortable in the event. Another reason was that thinking my toes would be very stressed at the after party because of the shoes I’ll be wearing is enough reason to wear wedge. Lastly, I topped my get-up with fashion glasses (clear lens wayfarer) to look sexy and studious.

These are just simple but special pieces I wore during the screening. I can’t wait to show you what I wore during the after party.

Premiere screening wardrobe

At the after party, I really can’t believe what I am seeing and experiencing. More celebrities attended the after party and more movie press people were there, as well. I know that after parties are more exciting because this is the time where celebrities and Hollywood people socialize more than the screening per se. This means, I had the chance to mingle with celebrities and press people more.

Since this is an after party; loud music, dimmer lights, cocktail drinks, cigarettes and never ending poses are expected to occur. I want to look stunning in this event that’s why I decided to wear this one shoulder blue cocktail dress and wore black pumps. Wearing this black pumps is the main reason why I wore wedge boots during the screening. I know I will be killing my toes in this event.

Here’s a look at the one shoulder blue cocktail dress and black pumps I wore during the after party.

After party wardrobe

In attending this kind of events, certain essentials must be remembered. One is don’t overdress and upstage the stars and second, look at your best and daze everyone without looking like you’re trying too hard.